My background is video editing and motion graphics. I studied film at Columbia College Chicago with a focus in editing. After college, I started work at Digital Kitchen Chicago, and then Draft FCB doing motion graphics. In 2011 I moved out to LA and started freelancing at some of LAs top post shops. Recently I've been taking on projects I direct and do post-production on.

 2017 Visual Mixtape 
I've packed together a short video full of some of my favorite videos I've created over the past year. All original footage and edits. The video is set to the tune of "It Ain't Hard To Tell" by Nas (Remix by Large Professor).
 Time Lapse Reel 
I have been shooting timelapse since  2013. From placing the moon behind the city to motion controlled dolly shots I've done it all with timelapse. This video compiles some of my favorite landscape timelapses of 2014-2015