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A Time Slice is an image built from the photos of a timelapse. Each slice is a photograph taken at a different point in time, usually a few minutes after the previous slice. All the Time Slice images are unique, made from a different number of images, over a different amount of time. My process involves a great deal of exploration and experimentation by mixing time in various ways. When I can I visit a location numerous times until my vision is captured. The most recent addition to the series is Time Slice videos that blends the original time-lapse and sometimes animation inside the formed slice. For more information check out my video that explains my process for creating the Time Slices.

Time Slice Prints

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Prints by Richard Photo Lab. Choose from either Matte Fuji Prints or Canson Fine Art Prints.​

Fuji Matte:


Exceptional photographic prints are produced at RP lab on top-notch printers! The Fuji Deep Matte prints have a non-reflective, velvety finish with subdued darks and gorgeous reproduction of colors.


Turnaround time: 1 Business Day


Canson Fine Art:


Printed on stunning textured grain fine art paper that meets gallery and museum standards for longevity and archival performance, your prints will look vibrant and professional for years to come. Spray-coated fine art prints are UV resistant and have increased scratch resistance.


Turnaround time: 5 business days



I have tested quite a few labs and papers types and found Canson Fine Art Prints from Richard Photo Lab to have the highest quality archival inks and beautiful deep textured paper. The colors really pop on these prints and have great details in the shadows and highlights. Click on an image to be taken to the storefront and select buy photo to view sizes and pricing.


Please contact me with any question or if you are looking for a custom print.


Prints are made from high-res files.

About Prints
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