A Time Slice is an image built from the photos of a timelapse. Each slice is a photograph taken at a different point in time, usually a few minutes after the previous slice. All the Time Slice images are unique, made from a different number of images, over a different amount of time. My process involves a great deal of exploration and experimentation by mixing time in various ways. When I can I visit a location numerous times until my vision is captured. The most recent addition to the series is Time Slice videos that blends the original time-lapse and sometimes animation inside the formed slice. For more information check out my video that explains my process for creating the Time Slices.


Time Slice series


Yosemite El Capitan

Time Slice: 35 photos over 1 hour 13 minutes

Animation: From a 664 image lapse


Yosemite El Capitan

Time Slice: 35 photos over 1 hour 13 minutes

Animation: From a 664 image lapse


The Downtown Hong Kong Skyline

Time Slice: 35 photos over 13 hours 34 minutes

Animation: From a 2,795 image lapse

TSBIGSUR_Time Slice_38_slices_1hr34min_v

The California Coast of Big Sur

Time Slice: 38 photos over 1 hour 34 minutes

Animation: From a 579 image lapse


The Los Angeles Skyline

Time Slice: 38 photos over 1 hours 42 minutes

Animation: From a 652 image lapse


The Hong Kong Mid Levels

Time Slice: 27 photos over 12 hours 55 minutes

Animation: From a 1,551 image lapse


New York City's Empire State Building

Time Slice: 34 photos over 46 minutes

Animation: From a 281 image lapse


Downton Hong Kong from the Mid Levels

Time Slice: 24 photos over 29 hours 45 minutes

Animation: From a 2,320 image lapse


The Shanghai Skyline from SWFC in China

Time Slice: 65 photos over 1 hour 53 minutes

Animation: 99 Time Slices from a 637 image lapse