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Time Slice Deconstructed

Visualization of a Time Slice Desonconstructed

A Time Slice photo is a photo that combines many photos taken over a span of time in one image. Typically when I create my time Slice images I use vertical slices of uniform size to reveal the different photos. Wanting to create a little more different this time I decide to create a non uniform slice that changes over time. Day time photos are revealed in a different shape than the night photos.

Day Time Photo [First Frame]
Night time Photo [Last Frame]

The First and Last Photo in the sequence. View of Minato, Tokyo Japan

Building the shape and path of the Time Slice

I use Adobe After Effects to create the shapes that reveal the photos. This shape moves and changes over time.

Luma mat of the Time Slice path

Time Slice Shape

Greyscale time scale

How the Time Slice shape affects time (31 samples, White = Day, Black = Night)

Final Image: Tokyo City in 31 photos over 50 minutes

Final Image: Tokyo City in 31 photos over 50 minutes


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