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Lightroom Workflow & Basics Breakdown

In under 10 minutes learn basic fundamentals and get familiar with the essential modules and terms of Lightroom. Learn what catalogs and collections are, where photos are stored, how to organize your photos and then how to search for them.



Lightroom is an application by Adobe that allows photographers to develop and organize photos. Lightroom combines RAW processing tools and advanced storage / organization tools.

Lightroom relates photography like a kitchen to cooking, sure you can cook a meal without a kitchen, but it is way easier to cook in a kitchen.

In this post we look at:

  • What a Lightroom Catalog is

  • How Many Lightroom Catalogs You Should Have

  • What Modules Are

  • Where Photos Go

  • How To Setup Folders

  • How To Move Files

  • How To Find Photos

  • How to Edit Photos.



A Lightroom catalog is database that stores your develop settings, collections, metadata and previews.

  • The catalog is made of 3 files, that you should store in a dedicated folder. The files are the Catalog, the Previews, and the Smart Previews.

  • I recommend storing your catalog on an external drive (as fast as you can get) make sure the drive is using fastest cord to the fastest port on the computer.

Lightroom LRCAT File in Finder