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Customizable Lightroom Controller with Midi2LR

Recently I found a few tutorials that shared how to take an off the shelf Behringer X-Touch Mini and connect it to Lightroom. I had come across the concept before but it seemed as all the dials needed to be reset after switching photos. The difference now is that midi controllers like the X-Touch Mini use encoder knobs which turn indefinitely and use an LED fan to indicate value. When connected to Lightroom using Midi2LR the encoder knobs update from photo to photo based on the given property.

Midi2LR is an open source free piece of software by RSJaffe and allows almost any midi controller to translate to LR commands. The program runs in the background an is automatically launched by Lightroom once installed. Midi2LR lets you choose from a long list of LR commands as well as input your own keyboard shortcuts, presets, and profiles. You can set up to 10 profiles each of which can store a unique set commands to your controller on top of the two layer sets the X-Touch provides.

Danorst X-Touch Mini for Midi2LR w/ color labels
Danorst X-Touch Mini for Lightroom customized

Customize X-Touch Firmware (PC Required):

I had a few hiccups in me experience setting this up so be sure to hit me up in the comments on YouTube with any questions.

The x-touch out of the box does not have the proper customization to maximize it’s potential. The app Midi2LR uses Notes and CC commands register input and by default the X-Touch buttons have repeating notes which make some buttons duplicates.

The software th