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A Time Slice is an image built from the photos of a timelapse. Each slice is a photograph taken at a different point in time, usually a few minutes after the previous slice. All the Time Slice images are unique, made from a different number of images, over a different amount of time. My process involves a great deal of exploration and experimentation by mixing time in various ways. When I can I visit a location numerous times until my vision is captured. The most recent addition to the series is Time Slice videos that blends the original time-lapse and sometimes animation inside the formed slice. For more information check out my video that explains my process for creating the Time Slices.

Time Slice Animated Video: Scroll View

Time Slice series


London's Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)

Time Slice: 118 photos over 1 hour 36 minutes

Animation: 159 Time Slices from a 617 image lapse

London Big Ben

LA from above Griffith Park Observatory

Time Slice: 52 photos over 2 hours 15 minutes

Animation: 215 Time Slices from  a 772 image lapse


Lightning Storm at Victoria Peak In Hong Kong

Time Slice: 25 photos over 45 minutes

Animation: From a 925 image lapse

Victora Peak HK

The Shanghai Skyline from the Bund in China

Time Slice: 44 photos over 1 hour 20 minutes

Animation: 887  Time Slices from a 444 image lapse

Shanghai Bund

Hong Kong from Kowloon

Time Slice: 50 photos over 2 hours 13 minutes

Animation: 159 Time Slices from a 420 image lapse

HK Pinwheel

The Los Angeles Skyline with Palm Trees

Time Slice: 21 photos over 2 hours 15 minutes

Animation: 159 Time Slices from a 420 image lapse

LA Palm
180512_BatterySun_28_Time Slice Vert 72

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

Time Slice: 72 photos over 1 hour 23 minutes

Animation: From a 489 image lapse

San Francisco Fog

Downtown Chicago and the Chicago River

Time Slice: 52 photos over 12 hours 14 minutes

Animation: Fom a 2,785 image lapse


Downton Los Angeles and Mt. Baldy

Time Slice: 53 photos over 1 hour 12 minutes

Animation: From a 1,200 image lapse

Los Angeles Baldy
Baldy Day
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